Artistaprint vs. In-house printing

We are proudly 100% Canadian with Over 20 years experience. has a variety of solutions and printing processes available to help your business cut costs. also has the expertise to help you print what you need in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. Have you ever considered the real cost of printing small to large runs yourself? The answer may surprise you! Outsourcing your small to large print means less wasted copies, reduced labour and reduced capital costs. Outsourcing to will benefit your business. Yes, high pressure equipment salespeople will tell you different, but we know the industry, we know the truth! Besides, we get our hands dirty, they don’t. Do away with the idea of doing it all in house all on one machine, it just doesn’t work that way. Here are a few pointers if you are considering in-house printing fulfilment. If there are any questions you need answered, just give us a call.

•  Being deluded by high pressure equipment salesmen who really do not know print.

•  No Capital Investment.

•  Reduce leasing costs.

•  Access the best technology always without the investment.

•  Shipping throughout Canada. Print right from your desktop.

•  Reduce lost productivity from yourself or your employees

•  Replacing paper or toner

•  Getting caught in print queues and software issues

Here are some printing costs to consider by not outsourcing to and keeping your print in house.

Hard Costs

•  Annual Impressions

•  Annual Leasing Costs

•  Paper Cost Per Sheet

•  Total Paper Cost

•  Meter Costs per Copy

•  Toner Costs per Copy

Soft Costs

•  Wasted Copies

•  Copy Over-runs

•  Employee Hours

•  Wasted Employee Hours due to machine down time or errors

•  Average Hourly Wage  (including all company benefits)

Let meet your business needs.

•  Guides

•  Directories

•  Product Demos

•  Product Support

•  Case Studies

•  Archiving 

•  Sales Presentations

*  Promotional Material

•  Slide Shows

•  Trade Show Materials

•  Videos

•  Conference Materials

•  Resource Material and so much more...

Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions.

Thank-You so much!

The Team