In short, they very rarely will look exact. Screens differ from one to another, all depending on the age, lighting, calibration etc and no screen will ever give you 100% accuracy. There are however, colour calibration systems that can be purchased and used for setting up a monitor for the closest colour consistency possible.

You can apply the promotional code on the Order Details page. There you will find a box on the bottom left of your screen that says Coupon Code. Once you have inserted your code click Redeem and you will see your price adjust accordingly. Please Note: Once a promo code has been used once it becomes inactive and cannot be used again.

Your photos must be uploaded in your Designer Studio and then retrieved from there. They must be of proper quality and resolution. We ask that you give us no less than 300 dpi resolution as this is the best quality for print and will make your design crisp and clear.

We would love to assist you in any way we can! You can easily reach one of our graphic designers through our email at or you can call us toll free at 1-888-ARTISTA or 905-35-PRINT.

Yes you can! Just pick a template you like (or start from scratch) and then you'll enter into the Designer Studio. From here you will click Upload Image and browse for your logo in your files. Upload it to the Gallery and then presto! Your logo is ready for use on our website!

In order to serve you better and suit your needs we offer a couple different options for turnaround times.

Production Turnaround

Our Production Turnaround times vary by product and are based on business days. Our hours of operation are Monday-Friday 9am-5pm Eastern time, excluding holidays and weekends. This does not include shipping duration.

14 Business Day Standard

This is provided to you at no cost.

Next Business Day - $50.00

This excludes any orders that are done on weekends and holidays. Must be completed before 1:00pm for next day printed service. This excludes any shipping tunraround times and design production.

3 Business Days - $19.00

5 Business Days - $12.00

10 Business Days - $7.00

Artwork will begin once you have placed your order. The turnaround time selected is only for print production. Artwork turnaround time is not included in the selected turnaround time. We will try our best to have artwork for your approval within three days of order placement. Generally there will be changes from first which we will respond attentively with your requested change.

DPI stands for printer Dots Per Inch. People also refer to this as PPI (Pixels Per Inch). The more pixels the more detailed the image.