Artistaprint Vehicle Wraps…the most effective form of advertising

Many companies are finding out that vehicle wraps and fleet graphics are a great way to reach new and existing customers. Compared to other forms of media, wraps are extremely cost effective and generate millions of impressions each year. Branding your business is simplified, considering that a single vehicle wrap can generate between 30,000–70,000 impressions each day. Vehicle wraps are now being recognized as a unique form of outdoor media to compliment any advertising campaign for all sizes of businesses and company promotions. When you purchase a Vehicle Wrap from Artistaprint you are purchasing quality, durability, and longevity and providing customers with lasting impressions. Transform your company vehicles into an effective medium that delivers the most impressions per dollar spent. The average cost for a full vehicle wrap is approximately $3,000.00. That works out to $50.00/mo over that 5 year period. For only $1.64/day and you can benefit from having a large moving billboard promoting your business 24/7. This is key. You can advertise your business every day and anywhere with a mobile billboard that gets attention for years at a time! Whether your organization has one car or perhaps a fleet of vehicles, wraps are the simplest and most cost-effective ways to brand and/or advertise your business. Artistaprint does not offer this service online, you will need to call us and set up an appointment and chat about how we can work together to reach your needs. If you are ready and interested in exposing your business to thousands of potential customers everyday with an a Vehicle Wrap, call us today to book an appointment in our showroom!


So Why Choose Artistaprint? How are we different than others?

  • We have one on one meetings with you to accomplish exactly what you are trying to achieve, visually and strategically.
  • We print our wraps in house at the highest quality possible which gives us more control with colour and quality.
  • We only use 3M Materials backed by a 3M Warranty.
  • We only use a Certified 3M Installer. Actually we use the Certified 3M Trainer for Ontario of soon-to-be 3M Certified Installers Vaughan Blancher (see below)
  • We are true artists as well as Registered Graphic Designers (RGD) therefore you are getting professional design advice, something most of our competitors cannot offer.
  • We have an excellent sense of what works visually and technically which gives your overall Vehicle Wrap Design the WOW factor.
  • We like to take our time. This is definitely not a process to rush. If you do.. quality suffers most of the time.


Artistaprint Vehicle Wrap Cost Analysis

The cost of a vehicle wrap from Artistaprint is just a fraction of the cost of the company vehicle itself. Without a wrap the vehicle is a single-purpose tool whose value is compared against how well it performs that singular duty. However, when that same company vehicle is wrapped with the proper advice, it becomes a powerful multi-purpose business tool whose value is greatly compounded as it is performing multiple duties. A wrap from Artistaprint will last longer than 5 years. We have vehicles out there now for 10 years. However let's just use 5 to demonstrate how the effective the cost of a wrap is over time, using a few different vehicle types.

Vehicle Type

Average Cost*


Per Year

Per Month

Per Day

Compact Car

$1900.00 and up

5 Years Plus




Small to Medium Car

$2400.00 and up

5 Years Plus




Medium to Large Car

$2900.00 and up

5 Years Plus




Trucks and Vans

$3400.00 and up

5 Years Plus




Large Trucks and Vans

$3900.00 and up

5 Years Plus




Delivery Style Vehicles

$4400.00 and up

5 Years Plus




Cubes and Transports

$6400.00 and up

5 Years Plus





Variations of Vehicle Graphics. A solution for every budget. Listed from high to low pricing.

Full Vehicle Wrap - Covers the entire vehicle. It may or may not include some glass, plastics, or the roof.

Partial Vehicle Wrap - Covers part of the vehicle, usually 1/3, 1/2, to 3/4.

Die Cut Decals - These are Wraps but die cut to a specific shape then applied to your vehicle.

Vinyl Lettering - Lettering for branding your product or business. 

Window Graphics - Cover windows with Window Perf for visibility

Vehicle Magnets - An affordable alternative.


Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have. 




Artistaprint only uses 3M brand material for all of our installations. 3M products have excellent warranties provided you abide by the rules. This includes proper installation ( not rushed installation ) and proper care by the owner. To learn more about the 3M product warranties please view their website: 

Nevertheless, if the 3M Warranty will not cover an issue, Artistaprint will always do what they can to help resolve the issue. After all if you are not happy, we are not happy.

Everything that Artistaprint produces revolves around client satisfaction. 


3M New Printable Vehicle Wrap Material

3M Solid Colour Vehicle Wrap Material


Now for a little information about our Certified 3M Installer Vaughan Blancher


Please feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have. 

Thank-You so much! 

The Team


Vehicle graphics are the cornerstone of our brand marketing. Gene and his team delivered a superior product at a comparable price resulting in better value for our business. Thank you Artista Design. Great job.

 One Stop Fireplace Shop


"Artista did a great job at producing our "3D Billboard on the Move"! Excellent exposure of our team and our service all over Niagara!"

 — Remax, Jerry Hendriks, St Catharines, Ontario


Our partnership with Artista Print makes it easy for us to take our brand to the streets of Niagara. Artista Print's creative concepts and ideas help us differentiate our brand to stand out from the competition.

 — Michael J HabererMichael Haberer Retail Sales Supervisor 91.7 GIANT FM



* As of January 2015. Prices subject to change.