Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer and Embroidery are the main three methods for adding logos to apparel. Each have a unique method, quality and longevity level.


Screen Printing

Over 95% off all T-shirts and apparel produced at are manufactured using a process called screen printing. Screen printing allows for 100% customizable options and the ability to have any design you wish come to life on your t-shirt. More importantly, the longevity and durability of the print surpasses any process on the market today. If you are looking for a design that needs a higher level of vibrancy with that professional finish then screen printing is the way to go. Choose from a wide gamut of colours. No question about it screen printing is tried tested and true with great longevity, delivering amazing results time and time again. With Silk Screen Printing your logo is reproduced via different coloured inks which are squeezed through mesh screens (or stencils) directly onto your garments. Your logo has to be separated into colours and a silk screen is made for each colour in your logo. Special inks are used for longevity. The process is based on skill level. Pricing is good for higher quantities. High quality and longevity are superior.


Heat Transfer

Ideal for orders of a smaller quantity. We use state of the art technology to deliver vibrant and stunning details on all t-shirts. Since no screens are required for digital printing, designs can be as in-depth as you wish. Digital printing is quickly growing in popularity due to the fact that we can print one shirt a time if you require. However the longevity of the print does not meet the expectations of a silk screened print. With Heat Transfer Printing your logo is reproduced via a high quality dye sublimation printer to a special material and transferred to apparel  via a heat press. Quality is high and longevity has proven well. Pricing is good for small to medium quantities. Overall a great solution for small runs.



With Embroidery your logo is reproduced via different colour threads stitched directly onto your garments using a computerized embroidery machine. Your logo will need to be “digitized”, the end result of which, is a computer program that instructs the embroidery machine what to stitch. Quality of your logo depends on the machine and thread counts. Take a close look at some embroidered apparel. You will notice, most of the time, the reproduction is not the same as the artwork. This is because stitching has its limitations. As well, after just a few washes, the area embroidered seems to bunch up. Although the norm because of its price point, the overall result is fair due to the longevity and dependance on stitch count and quality of machine.


No matter which Aparrel Printing method you choose, will always deliver at very affordable rates.


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