These frames are ideal for applications such as shopping malls, office buildings, convenience stores, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, real estate agents, exhibitions and conventions. 

This Sidewalk sign is a lightweight double sided A-frame sign which makes it easy to relocate. Is manufactured from from Plastic polystyrene stands on four short legs. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.  Folds flat for easy storage.  Inserts printed on 1/8" Stryrene. Strong Adhesive tape recommened for further support.

Visual Size  is 19"W x 32"H Full Dimensions 20"W x 35"H x 27"D.

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Choose inserts in sets of two. Frames are interchangeable. These inserts are printed on a plastic substrate. Full Colour. Download our template to create from home and upload your design. Or create from our user friendly design module below! If inserts are not needed please select no thank you!

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